Welcome to cordition®
We work from the heart for you and your health...

...as well as the health of your patients if you are a doctor

The functionality of our products should enrich the users in a philosophical sense and hit the core

We want to walk the way together with you and always adapt to new conditions.

Small etymology of "cordition" as an art term:

cor - Latin: the heart & the core
dit - abbreviation of latin: ditare == enrich
ion - ancient greek: the walking

The similar-sounding English word is "condition" which also adapts well...

Foundation and objective

The cordition® GmbH was co-founded on 21.4.2020 by Peter Gresch to make the Watch your Heart product available to a large circle of users in the market.

cordition® is supported by Dr. Marc Oliver Grad, a cardiologist who laid the foundation for Watch your Heart.